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With a driven team of diverse nationalities such as the Netherlands, Belgium, and Venezuela, we are ready for you every day from Spain. The passion and knowledge for the profession have arisen primarily from personal experiences. Finding a house in Spain is simple. However, the processing of all steps requires some knowledge and network.

In addition, we have been active in the industry for quite some time and now know the ins and outs. What should you pay attention to, what are your rights and/or obligations, we can assist you at all times in the process or even take care of it entirely on your behalf.

Through years of experience in the Spanish market, we have built up a solid network of reliable parties such as project developers, fellow real estate agents, lawyers, and officials, allowing us to meticulously steer and process every step in the right way. This way, you won’t be surprised.

We are happy to guide you in your search for the ideal property that can serve as a (second) home, rental property, or commercial space.

For questions or comments, please contact one of our team members.


Languages: Dutch, English, Spanish

cristian @ vividselectproperties.com
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Languages: French, Dutch, English,

rudy @ vividselectproperties.com
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Languages: Dutch, English, Spanish

ylcia @ vividselectproperties.com
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Marketing & Communications
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marketing @ vividselectproperties.com
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